Follow Bogie he will lead you

Follow Bogie he will lead you In the Fairest Manner And we will show you what we can do With the black and yellow banner

A precious but tantalising black and gold nugget. Writing in 1984, Anthony Hall had recalled  that in his youth "Bogie Broon from Clackmannan" had inspired Alloa Athletic fans to song in the early years of the 20th century. Alas, memories of Brown and his feats had disappeared with the industries in which those fans worked. More than 100 years later, nobody at Alloa Athletic remembered who Bogie Broon was. I had already written about William Brown, the Clackmannan born miner who had skippered the Wasps with distinction before being crushed by falling rock deep in the bowels of the Wee County in 1909. Here was the prospect of adding a nickname and a song to the tragic tale of Alloa's lost captain. But the Alloa team of this era had enough Broons to rival a Glebe Street census return. Which one was Bogie? 

Amid fake news and doomed share attempts to win hotel…